Výroba a prodej brusných a řezných materiálů

Abrasive on the ground
Universal grinding tools (fiber discs, velcro discs, belts) for processing of various materials, e.g. stainless steel, steel, brass, wood, plastics, etc. Manufactured from quality materials by renowned DEERFOS brand.

Fiber grinding discs

  • Ceramic fiber grinding discs BORA9
  • Ceramic fiber grinding discs VS999
  • Zircon fiber grinding discs VZ133
  • Corundum fiber grinding discs VA113

Velcro sanding discs

  • Discs with film backing BORA1, SA331
  • Discs with paper backing CA331, EA343
  • Discs with cloth backing KZ563

Grinding belts

  • Ceramic grinding belts BORA 7
  • Zircon grinding belts XZ677, PZ628
  • Corundum grinding belts PG730, JA512, XA911, XW341

Accessories – backing pads

  • LT, TF, DQ – for fiber discs
    • LT – flexible material, common use, Ø 115 – 180mm
    • TF – semi-flexible material, heat-intensive conditions, Ø 115 – 180mm
    • DQ – standard material, heat-intensive conditions, Ø 115 – 150mm
  • OPTIMAtools – for Velcro sanding discs for eccentric grinders, Ø 125 – 150mm