OPTIMA Precise product portfolio.

Cutting and grinding wheels and flap discs

Professional wheels and discs designed according to type for cutting and grinding stainless and common steels.

Abrasive on the ground

Universal grinding tools (fiber discs, velcro discs, belts) for processing of various materials, e.g. stainless steel, steel, brass, wood, plastics, etc. Manufactured from quality materials by renowned
DEERFOS brand.

Technical burrs, cutting tools

Cutting tools of the highest quality: technical carbide burrs, drills with cylindrical shank metal / construction, drills with conical shank, stepped drills, drilling crowns, hand and machine taps.

Diamond wheels

Wide range: From professional wheels for cutting reinforced concrete to wheels designed for small craftsmen to use on common building materials.

Abrasive rolls

Abrasive rolls designed for belt or manual processing of flat and shaped surfaces of various materials, e.g. wood, metals, varnishes, sealants, paints, etc.

Shaft flap discs

Flap discs designed for direct grinding machines for grinding stainless steel and ferrous materials.

Technical brushes

Multi-purpose tools suitable for a wide range of applications in steel wire and stainless steel wire versions.

Ceramic wheels and mounted stone grinding burrs

Ceramic grinding wheels for bench and stand grinders, mounted stone grinding burrs for straight grinders.

Protective equipment

A set of protective equipment necessary for safe work with abrasive materials and cutting tools.

KEYANG power tools

Professional power and cordless tools with excellent performance in the toughest conditions.