Výroba a prodej brusných a řezných materiálů

Protective equipment
A set of protective equipment necessary for safe work with abrasive materials and cutting tools.

Protective equipment

Work equipment designed to protect eyesight, hearing, respiratory tract and hands in more or less demanding work environments.

  • Protective work goggles
  • Work headphones, earplugs
  • Respirators
    • Folded FFP1 with CE certificate, EN149
    • Folded FFP2 with CE certificate, EN149
    • Folded with exhalation valve FFP2 with CE certificate, EN149
  • Masks – disposable three-layer masks with CE certificate, EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Work gloves – welding, full leather, combination, anti-cut, dipped, coated, chemical, textile, universal