Výroba a prodej brusných a řezných materiálů

Technical burrs and cutting tools
Cutting tools of the highest quality: technical carbide burrs, drills with cylindrical shank metal / construction, drills with conical shank, stepped drills, drilling crowns, hand and machine taps.

Technical carbide burrs

Shank milling cutters are precision machining tools for mounting on hand-held power and pneumatic tools. The working part made of carbide (tungsten carbide) is connected to the steel shank by a special technology. Machining on CNC machines guarantees uniformity of tool quality, optimal operation and high quality of the machined surfaces.

  • Double cut
  • Blue Naco
  • Aluma
  • Inox

Cutting drills

  • Metal drills with straight shank – cobalt twist drills HSS-Co5, twist drills fully ground HSS-G, roll-forged twist drills HSS-R
  • Metal drills with taper shank
  • Metal step drills
  • Drills with cylindrical shankconstruction – masonry drills, heavy duty hammer drills, multi-purpose drills, hammer drills SDS-PLUS, SDS-MAX, diamond drills/hole saws, glass drills, wood drills

Other cutting tools

  • Core drills with Weldon shank
  • Hole saws
  • Hand taps
  • Machine taps
  • Thread die