Technical carbide burrs

Shank milling cutters are precision machining tools for mounting on hand-held power and pneumatic tools. The working part made of carbide (tungsten carbide) is connected to the steel shank by a special technology. Machining on CNC machines guarantees uniformity of tool quality, optimal operation and high quality of the machined surfaces.

  • Double cut
  • Blue Naco
  • Aluma
  • Inox

Double cut

The unique shape of the cutting edge with two types of pitch – coarse (for fast grinding) and fine (for smooth grinding) allows 20% faster grinding with a quality smooth surface compared to standard technical burrs.

Applications: steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, fired ceramics, difficult-to-machine plastics, hardwood.

Blue Naco

Blue Naco coating technology gives the tool exceptional durability and exceptional performance compared to standard technical burrs when machining particularly hard or difficult-to-machine metals.

The coating perfectly dissipates the heat accumulating during the operation and prolongs the overall life of the tool, thus reducing the cost of the operation.

Coating hardness: 4000HV, thermal stability up to 1200 ⁰C
Applications: very hard materials – Hardox, titanium, titanium alloys


The blade angle and wider chip space allow efficient use for softer materials.

Applications: aluminum, aluminum alloys, zinc, non-ferrous metals, hard rubber, wood


The innovative tooth geometry achieves extremely high performance in removing all types of stainless steel.