Grinding wheels

Supplied in three qualitative types
OPTIMApower, OPTIMAprofi, OPTIMAflex.

Grinding wheels OPTIMApower

Ø 125 mm; 150 mm; dimension: 7,0mm

Efficient and powerful tool for professional use

Application: steel

Grinding wheels OPTIMAprofi

Ø 115 – 230mm; dimensions: 4,0mm-8,0mm

High performance, long service life
and excellent working results

Applications: stainless steel, steel, aluminium
The guaranteed element content of Fe, Cl, S <0.1%

Grinding wheels OPTIMAprofi - Xlock

Ø 125mm; dimension: 6,0mm

Revolutionary mounting XLOCK

Application: steel

Grinding wheels OPTIMAflex

Ø 115 – 230mm; dimension: 6,0mm

Product providing unbeatable price/performance ratio

Application: steel